What Exactly is Public Relations and What is it Good For? (Public Relations)

In global economic scenario of competitive environment, a company for branding its products and establishing communication with its customer’s adopts a number of methods and techniques. Public relation is one such method which helps a company to communicate effectively with its target audience and disseminate messages and promotion material for product branding.Public relation helps an industry to maintain relation with its customers. If we observe basic functioning of public relations, we find it extensively operational in getting idea and implementing them for attaining public approaches, upholding mutual relations and understanding between an organization and its public. Public relations is known for advancing overall channel of communication by forming new methodology and implementing them as for continuing up two way flows of information and understanding between an organization and its audience.

Apart from being a communication channel, public relations is also widely used by companies in promoting and branding of newly launched products. As a part of product launch campaign public relations help a company to develop relations with local government and legislatures. Public relation is extensively used by non-profit organizations like schools, hospitals, social service agencies, etc to improve their image and is of great help to them in awareness campaigns, fund-raising activities and enhancing patronage of their services.As a method to improve a client’s image a public relation company employs many tools like opinion polling, focus groups, etc to evaluate public opinion to receive information and then further spread up and distribute that information to different communication mediums like news paper, new channels, internet, satellite feeds, broadcast faxes and database driven phone banks. In overall exercise of image improvement, Press release is a century old formal method to convey message to a publisher or a news paper editor.As print and electronic media are very important in getting mileage and developing rapport for a client, it becomes very imperative for a public relations company to know about its specified media channel. A vast number of outlets can be contacted on local as well as on national level to get mileage and focus. On local level, local paid newspaper, local free paper, local council newspaper, free county magazine, local radio and television, trade, technical and professional magazines covering same type of business or expertise are very helpful in disseminating the message. For national level publicity it is the national newspapers, consumer and lifestyle magazines, national radio and television where a product can gain enough coverage to popularize a product or services are used.

After recognizing the medium, next important task is to develop relation ship with the recognized medium and in print or electronic media it is the editor or news editor who can best decide about a news content to be published or broadcasted. This way public relations take final shape for promotion of its client image.